maybe i fell in love when you woke me up
i dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for

Okay, so I want to try and write an IWGYAG update before I leave. But I want an opinion from you guys, as readers.

Do you want to see Blaine and Kurt eating cookies and talking flowers?

Or do you want me to skip forward to Wednesday (aka the day Blaine normally comes)?

  1. hermyownwazlib answered: eating cookies and talking flowers. but being really flirty
  2. endgamesandbrokenovaries answered: cookies and flowers please!
  3. xohrhchriscolfer answered: COOKIES AND FLOWERS!!!
  4. yoko-nono answered: Talking flowers and eating cookies! The longer this story gets, the better!
  5. tchrgleek answered: cookies and flowers. totally cookies and flowers.
  6. jesshichan answered: COOKIES
  7. steppingoutsidesheisfree answered: cookies and flowasssss :D
  8. onstreetsofstars answered: COOKIEEEEEES :D
  9. muthafuckingfox said: Cookies and flowers!
  10. chillblaines answered: both… :3 ehehe
  11. curryforyourthoughts answered: cookies and flowers! ^o^
  12. dinklagesass answered: cookies and flowers!
  13. ultrastrongforgeorg answered: …all of the above…
  14. just-trying-to-figure-outarchive answered: cookies and flowers PLEASE. I love them being all cutesie and home-y
  15. luckyjak answered: Eat cookies and talk flowers? :D <3
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